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9 Out Of 10 Avoid Brands With Intrusive Ads



Dan O'Connor

91% of shoppers say they won’t purchase from brands using intrusive ads.

91% of shoppers say they won’t purchase from brands using intrusive ads.

Wunderkind has released their latest ‘Kindness In Advertising’ report, which surveyed 1,000 online shoppers.

The report revealed that 91% of online shoppers won’t make purchases from brands that implement ads they perceive to be intrusive. By ‘intrusive’, the study is referring to ads that interrupt a shoppers online experience.

95% say their online experience is interrupted by advertising, 92% believe ads are becoming more intrusive, and 70% believe advertisers don’t respect their digital experience.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Affiliate marketing is a results driven industry that usually values cold, hard conversion over brand image and customer satisfaction.

Because of this, aggressive advertising can be seen by many as a successful affiliate marketer's bread and butter, but that doesn’t mean affiliates should disregard these kinds of studies.

Of course, how affiliates choose to advertise is influenced by the kind of product they are selling and their relationship with the brand. Aggressive advertising can produce short-term results, but can also be harmful to the brand’s reputation and create long-term consequences.

If an affiliate intends to have a long term working relationship with a brand or product, it may be beneficial to take the results of studies like these into account and tweak their campaigns accordingly.

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