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Advertisers Now Able To
Target X Premium Subscribers



Alison Piroe

Advertisers are now able to target exclusively Premium subscribers with their campaigns.

X has added an option that enables advertisers to target specifically premium users with their campaigns.

X Premium costs users $8 per month for the privilege, and in return for that they get all Basic features plus a checkmark, reduced ads, access to apply for ads revenue sharing and creator subscriptions, larger reply prioritization, ID verification and Media Studio.

Recent moves by X point to Musk trying to get people to pay for using the app, in an attempt to reduce the platform's reliance on ad revenue.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

X’s argument for this would be that Premium users, due to the fact that they are paying for X Premium, have a higher level of expendable income and so are better targets for advertising.

But how many people are signed up to X Premium? Currently, fewer than 1% of users, but you are guaranteeing your ads reach a more engaged audience. After all, you’d expect those subscribed to Premium to be engaged X users.

Also the fact that Premium users see much less ads than the ordinary users makes it a less competitive space, and could mean the ads they do see have more impact.

Even though X’s usage and subscribers have been going down of late, millions of people still use the app every day, and with a lot of the bigger advertisers jumping off the brand, it could mean opportunities for others.

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