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AI Breakthrough For Affiliate Marketing



Dan O'Connor have created generative AI for affiliate marketing.

AI is the hottest topic in the business world right now, with new innovations and uses coming every day. It was only a matter of time before it really began to infiltrate the affiliate marketing world. have unveiled the world’s first generative AI specifically for affiliate marketing and it has the power to pull, analyze and comment on affiliate network data.

The technology will take the form of a chatbot, that the user can ask questions of and converse with. describes it as the ability to ‘chat with your affiliate network data’ and claims it could increase your daily output by 30%.

Some examples given on the website are of the user asking the chatbot such questions as ‘where should I invest my money in my affiliate programme?’ and ‘write my boss an email about last week's performance including the fastest growing publishers.’

The chatbot can be integrated on Slack and Teams, and increases the speed with which affiliates can pull data.

It is currently only available with Awin and systems, but say there are more coming soon.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

This AI technology is indeed useful for affiliates. Much of an affiliate marketers day can consist of pulling and analyzing data. This would cut the time spent on that dramatically.

At the moment the use of the technology is limited to those using Awin and If you are not using these you will have to wait.

Of course, the chatbot only makes suggestions. We are still a couple of steps away from technology that can automate the whole process. It is still a very interesting development, and one that is definitely worth trying out.

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