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Awin Introduces OpenCart



Dan O'Connor

Awin simplifies affiliate marketing for OpenCart merchants with new plugin.

Awin, a prominent global affiliate marketing network, has introduced an OpenCart plugin designed to facilitate seamless integration of affiliate marketing into OpenCart ecommerce stores.

This plugin aims to simplify the process for merchants to connect their OpenCart stores to Awin's extensive affiliate network, enabling them to set up promotional banners, product feeds, and tracking codes, and manage their affiliate marketing campaigns from within their OpenCart dashboard.

"The launch of our OpenCart plugin demonstrates our unwavering commitment to empowering merchants with the necessary tools to effectively utilize affiliate marketing to drive sales and achieve business growth," remarked Adam Lynn, CEO of Awin. "This plugin will equip merchants to leverage the power of affiliate marketing in a streamlined and efficient manner."

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

The plugin's key features include:

  • Streamlined setup and integration with OpenCart

  • Provision of promotional banners, product feeds, and tracking codes

  • Effortless campaign management from within the OpenCart dashboard

  • Comprehensive reporting on affiliate performance

Overall, the Awin OpenCart plugin serves as a valuable tool for OpenCart merchants seeking to enhance their affiliate marketing endeavors. Its user-friendly interface and features will aid the adoption of affiliate marketing strategies among a wider range of OpenCart businesses.

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