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ChatGPT No Longer Restricted By 2021 Knowledge Cut-Off.



Dan O'Connor

Recent update means the chatbot is no longer restricted by it's most infamous limitation.

OpenAI announced last week that ChatGP is no longer restricted by its knowledge cut-off of September 2021, the softwares most infamous limitation.

Until recently, ChatGPT had been restricted by a knowledge base that only brought the tool up to September 2021, meaning that it had no data related to anything that took place after that date.

For affiliate marketers this meant that when using the tool for industry research or creating ad copy it could be quite limiting, and has led to a rise in popularity of Google Bard as it was a more up-to-date chatbot.

ChatGPT will now use Microsoft's Bing search engine to process user's questions, likely due to Microsoft’s 49% stake in OpenAI.

Currently this update is only available on the tools Premium and Enterprise plans, but will eventually be rolled out across the entire tool, although a timeframe was not given for this.

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