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Could Erotic Chatbots Revolutionize The Dating Vertical?



Dan O'Connor

NSFW chatbots could have a huge influence on the future of the dating vertical.

Bloom, an erotic audio platform based in Germany, has created an erotic roleplaying chatbot in a step that is sure to change what is possible for affiliates in the dating vertical.

Hannah Albertshauser, CEO of Bloom, claims the new chatbots will bring character-driven storytelling ‘to the next level’.

With the chatbots, users can ‘interact’ with characters in different stories, ranging from ranch hands to dominatrix, and Bloom claims it will go as X-rated as the user likes.

The interactions won’t only be through text, the chatbots can also send voice notes using the chosen characters original voice.

Bloom Chat was trained through machine learning, using data from scripts, voice profiles and AI-voice training materials recorded by voice-actors.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Although this won’t exactly help dating affiliates in terms of running campaigns day-to-day for the time being, it is definitely an interesting development.

There are many ways in which this kind of technology could influence how campaigns are run in the future. For example, a chatbot on dating landing pages giving a sample of what the user can expect could be an engaging, interactive way to boost conversions.

It could also lead to offering more bespoke services for each user. The ability for the user to dictate exactly what they want out of the interaction with the chatbot could lead to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Quiz-style landers that contain a series of questions can be popular with affiliates focused on dating, but it can be a challenge to keep users engaged. With each question, you risk the user bouncing.

With a chatbot asking questions through text or a voice note in conversation-esque setup, it could improve engagement from the user and also act as a data grab, with the affiliate able to extract more data from the user than was possible with just written questions.

Definitely one to keep an eye on for all those involved in the dating vertical.

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