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GIG extends profitable partnership with Merkur



Dan O'Connor

The partnership of Gaming Innovation Group and Merkur is not about to end anytime soon.

Merkur: A Leading German iGaming Operator with a Focus on Compliance

Merkur, the renowned German iGaming operator renowned for its diverse gambling offerings spanning arcades and casinos, boasts an extensive portfolio of virtual and classic slot machines, as well as money gaming machines. Established in 1957, Merkur has since shifted its primary focus towards online casinos, bolstered by a robust affiliate marketing platform.

Operative under the esteemed Gauselmann Group umbrella, Merkur prioritizes brand protection within the German market. In line with this commitment, the company has partnered with GiG Comply, an automated affiliate marketing compliance tool. This collaboration empowers affiliate managers to ensure stringent adherence to FTC, EU, and other regulatory guidelines governing their marketing campaigns.

GiG: Innovating the iGaming Landscape

The Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), founded in 2012, has experienced significant growth in recent years. Notably, GiG forged a partnership with News Corp in the UK and Ireland, a media conglomerate serving millions of online readers through prominent platforms like The Sun and talkSPORT. Additionally, GiG expanded its capabilities through the integration of AskGamblers following its acquisition by Catena Media in late 2022.

The alliance between GiG and Merkur, initiated in 2022, has witnessed the seamless integration of GiG's adaptable compliance tools into Merkur's affiliate marketing endeavors. This collaboration has automated many of the labor-intensive compliance tasks inherent to iGaming marketing.

GiG Comply, as a component of this automated system, scans online content for affiliate marketing across the internet. It vigilantly detects potential compliance violations by scrutinizing text for prohibited keywords, iGaming code, evaluating links, and verifying regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions.

Collectively, these innovations have given rise to an affiliate program that automatically identifies and rectifies compliance breaches, thereby reducing the workload for affiliates and their managers. Furthermore, the partnership with GiG Comply provides valuable insights into promotional content usage and its impact on brand marketing.

GiG's affiliate business, GiG Media, operates on a global scale and specializes in iGaming affiliate marketing. It excels at assisting affiliate partners in generating qualified traffic through diverse channels, including social media, SEM, and PPC.

Jonas Warrer, CMO at GiG, emphasized the significance of brand protection in the evolving iGaming industry, stating, "The need for operators to protect their brand is at a critical stage in the evolution of the industry, and we're delighted to be trusted by so many big players to look after such a pivotal function."

Martin Collins, Affiliate Lead at Merkur, echoed this sentiment, asserting, "Compliance is a key factor across many markets now, particularly in Germany. We are pleased to continue growing our business with the trusted help of GiG, who bring to the table a wealth of knowledge making this partnership easy and enjoyable."

The Crucial Role of Compliance in iGaming

Compliance is a pivotal aspect of affiliate marketing due to its wide-ranging formats and demographics, each subject to their unique set of regulatory constraints. This importance is particularly pronounced in iGaming, where age restrictions, geographic considerations, and issues related to gambling harm are treated with utmost seriousness by regulatory bodies. Notably, earlier this year, In Touch Games faced a £6.1 million fine for non-compliance issues, underscoring the critical need for adherence to regulations within the industry.

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