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Gmail & Yahoo! Update
Bulk Email Requirements.



Dan O'Connor

Gmail and Yahoo! are tightening measures against bulk email senders who get marked spam.

In a bid to enhance the quality of its users' inboxes, both Gmail and Yahoo! are tightening measures against bulk email senders whose emails get marked as spam by users.

Gmail and Yahoo! will mandate authentication for bulk email senders' messages, and unauthenticated messages may face potential blocking as spam. Furthermore, senders with a high number of spam complaints may encounter challenges in message deliverability.

This poses a notable concern for affiliate marketers who frequently utilize email marketing in their campaigns. According to Campaign Monitor's 2022 report on the state of email marketing, email yields an impressive return on investment of 4,200%, generating $42 for every $1 spent.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Given the dynamic nature of email deliverability regulations, which evolve to align with standards and enhance customer experiences, staying abreast of these changes is crucial.

This ensures that your marketing endeavors remain visible in users' inboxes rather than being relegated to the spam folder.

To give your emails the best chance of making the users inbox, take a look at our Top Tips For Avoiding The Spam Folder. This go-to-guide walks you through everything from validating your email list to warming up your domain.

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