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Google's Rebrands
Bard As Gemini



Stephen Bond

Google rebrands it's chatbot and ads a subscription-based advanced model.

Google's AI chatbot, Bard, underwent a rebranding on February 1st, adopting the new name Gemini. This change aligns the chatbot's identity with the "Gemini" family of language models powering its technology.

While maintaining its core functionalities, Gemini introduces several advancements. Similar to ChatGPT, it now offers a subscription-based "Advanced" version through Google One, which unlocks access to a more powerful AI model capable of tackling complex tasks like coding and logical reasoning.

To improve accessibility, Gemini has launched dedicated Android and iOS apps, allowing users to interact with the AI directly on their mobile devices. Additionally, future integrations with Google services like Gmail, Docs, and Slides are planned, potentially replacing the previously announced "Duet AI" project.

Google states that the rebranding "reflects the advanced tech at its core" and positions Gemini as a more robust AI assistant. However, some analysts suggest the move primarily aligns the marketing narrative with the underlying model technology.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Regardless of the motivation, users can expect increased capabilities and mobile convenience under the new Gemini name. Existing Bard users will automatically transition to the platform, experiencing its updated features and interface.

Whether this rebranding translates to a significant shift in the AI chatbot landscape remains to be seen. However, it undoubtedly marks an evolution for Google's AI assistant, offering users more power, flexibility, and mobile accessibility amidst ongoing competition in the field.

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