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Google Ads Generative AI
Features To Chrome



Dan O'Connor

Google has added three new generative AI features to Chrome, including Writing Assistant.

Google has added three new generative AI features to Chrome.

The three new features are:

  • Create your own themes with AI: This feature uses the same text-to-image diffusion model that Google used to create wallpapers on Pixel 8 devices. You can use it to generate custom themes for your Chrome browser based on a subject, mood, visual style, and color that you choose.

  • Writing assistant: This feature provides automated assistance to help you write better queries and posts. You can right-click on a text box or field on any site you visit in Chrome and select "Help me write." Type in a few words and Chrome will suggest relevant ideas and phrases.

  • Image identification: This feature uses Google's image recognition technology to identify objects and scenes in images. You can right-click on an image on any site you visit in Chrome and select "Help me understand this image." Chrome will then tell you what it thinks the image is of.

These features are all experimental and are currently only available in Chrome for Macs and Windows PCs. They are not enabled for enterprise or educational accounts. However, Google plans to roll them out to more users in the future.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Although these specific features may not be the most useful now in terms of day to day workflow, it demonstrates how quickly AI is being implemented across the board.

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