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Google AI Test Could
Threaten Organic Search Results



Alison Piroe

Google is testing AI search summarisation that will appear above organic results.

Google is testing a new feature that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to generate summaries of relevant information directly in search results. These summaries appear at the top of the search engine results page, above traditional website links.

The technology aims to improve user experience by providing concise answers to search queries. This could potentially change how users interact with search results. If the AI overview provides all the information a user needs, they might not click through to individual websites.

The test is currently limited to a small subset of users in the United States for specific search queries. Google prioritizes searches where the AI summaries can offer additional value and where users might benefit from a quick overview.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

While the long-term impact on organic search results remains unclear, the development has sparked discussions within the SEO community. Some experts express concern that AI summaries could decrease website traffic. Google, however, emphasizes that these summaries will only be displayed when they enhance the search experience and complement traditional search results.

The success of this feature will depend on user feedback and Google's ability to refine the AI's accuracy and effectiveness. This development signifies Google's ongoing efforts to leverage advancements in AI to improve search functionality and user experience.

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