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Google Releases
Free AI Courses



Stephen Bond

Google has released a collection of AI courses that are completely free for people to access.

Google has unleashed a treasure trove of free Generative AI courses, empowering anyone to delve into the fascinating world of this cutting-edge technology. This initiative, announced in late 2023, aims to democratize AI knowledge and equip users with the skills to harness its creative potential.

The centerpiece of this offering is likely the Generative AI Learning Path on Google Cloud Skills Boost. This comprehensive program, potentially consisting of around 10 courses, provides a solid foundation in generative AI fundamentals and explores its various applications.

While Google hasn't released an official course list, sleuthing through news articles from December 2023 might reveal some hidden gems. Look for titles like "Free Generative AI courses by Google" or "Google's 12 days of generative AI training" to unearth the specific course names.

Based on available information, the courses might cover a range of topics, including:

  • Unveiling the mysteries of Generative AI: What it is and how it works.

  • Demystifying Large Language Models:  Learn how these AI powerhouses like me can generate text, translate languages, and even write different kinds of creative content.

  • Building Responsible AI: Explore the ethical considerations of AI development and how to ensure its responsible use.

Affiliate Flash's Take:

This free AI course bonanza from Google is a fantastic opportunity for anyone curious about generative AI. Whether you're a seasoned developer or simply an AI aficionado, there's something for everyone in this comprehensive learning package. So, dive in, unleash your creativity, and explore the boundless potential of generative AI!

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