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Google Search Release
Top Trends From 2023



Stephen Bond

Google Search Central have released a video on X outlining the years biggest trends.

Google Search Central have released a video on X giving a brief run down of the top 4 trends and stories from 2023. Here they are:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing a website for search engines, but it can also include activities meant to improve user experience. Common tasks associated with technical SEO include submitting your sitemap to Google and creating an SEO-friendly site structure. Making a website faster, easier to crawl, and more understandable for search engines are the pillars of technical optimization.

As the SEO landscape and algorithms seem to be in a constant state of flux, having a solid SEO base for your website is more crucial now than ever.

The Google clip states that ‘without a strong and working foundation, everything else you do on a site will struggle.’

Search Quality Algorithms

Search algorithms look at many factors and signals, including the words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and your location and settings. The weight applied to each factor varies depending on the nature of your query.

While Google hasn’t announced that there will be more updates, the video claims that ‘there has been much more talk about ranking algorithm updates, like how to adjust and what guides to read’.

AI & Machine Learning

As the video states, ‘the web is still figuring out ways to use it that is helpful to the user’.

It’s the topic on everyone’s lips, and it’s only going to grow in importance.

Structured Data

Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content. It gives efficient access to software and humans alike, and computers can effectively process structured data for insights due to its quantitative nature.

The video states that ‘despite all of the AI work, structured data is everywhere. Making it easy to add structured data will help you get your site lined up quickly.’

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

AI goes without saying, but Google ranking and SEO have taken the fore as the 2 other topics to focus on this year.

AI is already having a huge effect on SEO and rankings as the algorithms to to keep up with what's being implemented. The best advice seems to be to focus on the more reliable basics that are not as vulnerable to tweaks and changes and create a good SEO foundation 

for your site/page.

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