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Instagram Expands
Creator Marketplace



Alison Piroe

Instagram creator marketplace opens doors to ten new countries.

Calling all influencers and brands in Argentina, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey! Instagram just announced an expansion of their Creator Marketplace, bringing the total number of accessible regions to 18.

The Creator Marketplace, launched in the US in 2022, is a platform designed to connect brands with creators for smoother collaboration on sponsored content and in-app advertising. Brands can search for creators based on audience demographics, location, content focus, and more, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns.

This expansion follows an earlier addition of eight countries in February, including Canada, the UK, and India. With ten more regions joining the party, brands now have access to a wider pool of creators, allowing them to connect with new audiences across the globe.

Affiliate Flash's Take:

Creators in these new territories can expect invitations to join the Marketplace in the coming weeks. To be eligible, creators must be at least 18 years old, have a professional Instagram account, and boast a "significant following."

This move by Instagram underscores the growing importance of influencer marketing and the platform's commitment to fostering brand-creator partnerships within its ecosystem.

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Instagram Expands
Creator Marketplace

Instagram creator marketplace opens doors to ten new countries.


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