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Instagram Test
Un-skippable Ads



Dan O'Connor

Instagram are testing un-skippable video ads that pause your scroll until you've view the whole ad.

Get ready to hit pause, Instagram users! The popular social media platform is testing a new format for video ads that will temporarily stop your scroll mid-feed.

This move comes as Instagram seeks to capitalize on the growing popularity of video content, while also generating advertising revenue. The un-skippable ads are expected to be short, likely around a few seconds long, to minimize user frustration.

However, the news has been met with mixed reactions. Some users are concerned that this disrupts the natural flow of scrolling through content, while others are curious to see how effectively these ads can grab attention.

It's important to note that this is currently just a test, and Instagram will likely be monitoring user engagement and feedback closely before deciding on a wider rollout.

Affiliate Flash's Take:

Affiliate marketers might find this test intriguing.  If these un-skippable ads prove effective at grabbing user attention, it could be a game-changer for promoting products. Imagine being able to showcase a quick product demo or highlight a special offer directly in someone's feed, with no chance of them scrolling past.  Of course, the success would hinge on the ad itself being engaging and relevant to the user. But the potential for boosted click-through rates and conversions could be significant.

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Instagram Test
Un-skippable Ads

Instagram are testing un-skippable video ads that pause your scroll until you've view the whole ad.

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