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Is ChatGPT-5 Coming
This Summer?



Dan O'Connor

OpenAI are keeping schtum, but there are rumours that we could see the new model this summer.

The next iteration of the popular language model, ChatGPT-5, could be arriving sooner than expected. Speculation is heating up about a potential summer 2024 release, though OpenAI remains tight-lipped on any official date.

This buzz comes on the heels of OpenAI's history of rapid releases. With GPT-4 following closely behind the initial late-2022 launch of ChatGPT, some experts believe they might be keeping pace to stay ahead of competitors like Google's LaMDA and Bard.

Further fueling the rumors are whispers of early access or demos being granted to select users.  Business Insider even reported an unnamed CEO witnessing GPT-5 in action, hinting at a possible summer unveiling.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

A sprinkle of salt is advised.  OpenAI has yet to confirm these rumors or provide any concrete details about a summer release, or any release date at all. Their focus could very well be on ensuring the model's stability and addressing ethical concerns before unleashing it on the world.

So, will we be chatting with ChatGPT-5 this summer? Only time, and perhaps an official announcement from OpenAI, will tell.

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