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Is TikTok In Danger Of Following Vine?



Alison Piroe

Although it has over a billion user, the app is struggling to make money for it's creators.

TikTok is a hugely popular social media app with over a billion users worldwide. However, the app has been struggling to make money for its creators, and some experts believe that it could be in danger of succumbing to the same fate as Vine, another popular short-form video app that shut down in 2016.

There are a number of reasons why TikTok is struggling to make money for its creators. One reason is that the app is not very good at advertising. TikTok ads are often seen as intrusive and irrelevant, and they are not very effective at driving clicks or conversions. As a result, advertisers are not willing to pay as much for TikTok ads as they are for ads on other platforms, such as YouTube or Instagram.

Another reason why TikTok is struggling to make money for its creators is that the app does not have a good way to monetize its videos. Unlike YouTube, which pays creators based on the number of views their videos get, TikTok does not have a revenue-sharing program. This means that creators have to rely on other sources of income, such as sponsorships or merchandise sales, to make money from their videos.

Finally, TikTok is facing increasing competition from other social media apps, such as Instagram Reels and Snapchat Spotlight. These apps are all offering similar features to TikTok, and they are all trying to attract the same users. This is putting pressure on TikTok to innovate and come up with new ways to keep its users engaged.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Overall, this is the biggest challenge that TikTok faces in a bid for long term survival. At the end of the day, the creators that generate the most engagement will go to wherever the money is, and if that’s not TikTok they might not stick around for long.

It seems inconceivable at this point for an app with over a billion users, but if TikTok is not able to find a way to make money for its creators, it could follow in the footsteps of Vine, the app many think of as TikTok's predecessor.

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