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Meta Launches Ad-Free Platforms For €9.99 A Month



Dan O'Connor

Meta has launched an ad-free Facebook or Instagram option for €9.99 a month.

Meta has launched an ad-free Facebook or Instagram option for €9.99 a month.

The tech giant proposed what they called ‘SNA’ (subscription no ads) platforms to regulators in Europe a number of weeks ago, and now the model has been launched.

Users of Facebook and Instagram in Europe are able to pay €9.99 to use the platforms without seeing ads. It will only be available to users 18 and over.

The €9.99 price is when users buy it on the web, whereas paying for it via iOS or Android will cost €12.99. Meta stated that the higher price was due to the additional charges by Apple and Google through their respective policies.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

As the SNA versions of the platforms have just launched, it’s still too early to tell how large the uptake will be and if it will greatly affect affiliates running Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

We last covered Meta’s desire to implement a charge for ad-free platforms a few weeks ago, when they made the proposal to EU regulators, but it has been on the horizon for a while.

This is due to the stricter rules EU regulators implement on companies that harvest and sell user data online.

The back-and-forth between Meta and EU regulators has been ongoing now for a number of years and back in March Meta was forced to allow users to opt-out of targeted ads.

Meta stated that if users chose to continue to engage with its platforms for free, their experience would stay the same. Advertisers will also be able to continue running personalized advertising campaigns in Europe.

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