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Meta Proposes Charge For
Ad-Free Platforms



Dan O'Connor

Meta has proposed a charge of $14 per-month for targeted ad-free Instagram & Facebook.

Meta has proposed a charge of $14 per-month for an targeted-ad-free Instagram and Facebook.

This is based on information submitted by Meta to EU officials recently.

This charge will only apply to Europeans, as Meta wants to charge users a monthly subscription if they do not agree to let the company use their data to send them targeted ads.

The EU has stricter rules than other major worldwide regulators when it comes to companies using their customers' data, and this threatens to restrict Meta's ability to show users targeted ads without their consent.

This would impact Meta hugely, who in 2022 made 98% of their revenue from advertising.

Meta told regulators that it hopes to roll out SNA (subscription no ads) for Europeans in the coming months.

This would essentially give Europeans a choice, either pay for the monthly subscription to use the platforms free from targeted ads, or sign up to let Meta use data to send targeted ads.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

This could come into effect sooner rather than later, with Meta having already met with privacy regulators in Ireland and digital-competition regulators in Brussels to discuss the implementation of SNA over the next few months.

For affiliates who deal mainly within European GEOs, the effects SNA will have are uncertain until more is known about the proposal. The monthly charge suggested by Meta is just part of the initial proposal, and is subject to change.

The back-and-forth between Meta and EU regulators has been ongoing now for a number of years, and back in March Meta were forced to allow users to opt-out of targeted ads.

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