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Meta Set To Launch
Threads In Europe



Dan O'Connor

Having now met EU regulations, the platform is set to launch in Europe this month.

Meta is set to launch its Twitter-like app, Threads, to European Union users in December, expanding its reach to millions more people. The app's availability in the EU was previously delayed due to evolving privacy regulations, but Meta is now confident that Threads complies with the new Digital Services Act (DSA) requirements.

To adhere to EU regulations, users will have the option to use Threads in a consumption-only mode, without creating a profile or making their own posts. Alternatively, users can choose to create a regular Threads profile and fully engage with the app.

Meta is eager to introduce Threads to EU users as the app gains momentum and attracts more users seeking an alternative to Elon Musk's X platform. With the holiday season approaching, Meta believes it's an opportune time to expand Threads' reach and capture a wider audience.

An official announcement is yet to be made, but Meta is expected to make a formal move soon.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Mark Zuckerberg and his Meta colleagues must be more than encouraged by recent events. Threads user numbers have begun steadily rising, and Elon Musk is doing a fine job of driving users and advertisers away from X.

It could be the perfect storm that allows Threads to take a seat at the table.

For affiliate marketers, Threads might not represent a very fruitful platform. Meta has had to yield to a number of EU regulations that make the platform less attractive to advertisers than some of its competition.

For example, users in Europe will not have to create a profile to use the platform. This means less data for advertisers to gather and will make it harder to target specific demographics.

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