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Microsoft Unveils
"Prompt Engineering"



Stephen Bond

Microsoft has launched a "Prompt Engineering" to boost ad performance.

Microsoft is offering a novel approach to crafting effective ad copy, leveraging the power of generative AI and strategic "prompt engineering." This technique, detailed in a recent blog post, aims to not only improve ad performance but also ensure inclusivity in messaging.

The core concept revolves around using Microsoft Copilot, the company's AI-powered coding assistant, to generate creative ad copy based on specific prompts. However, the success hinges on crafting these prompts effectively, which Microsoft refers to as "prompt engineering."

The blog post outlines key elements for crafting strong prompts, including:

  • Task Goal: Clearly define the desired outcome of the ad.

  • Role: Specify the voice and perspective of the ad copy (e.g., informative, humorous, etc.).

  • Context: Provide relevant information about the product, industry, and target audience.

  • Target Audience: Tailor the message to resonate with specific demographics and interests.

  • Source: Include any additional reference materials like brand guidelines or market research.

  • Tone: Define the desired emotional tone of the ad.

  • Inclusive Modifiers: Incorporate language that promotes inclusivity and avoids bias.

Microsoft emphasizes the importance of the last point, highlighting the positive impact of inclusive advertising on performance. They recommend utilizing inclusive language and avoiding stereotypes to create ads that resonate with a broader audience.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

By combining Microsoft Copilot's generative capabilities with strategic prompt engineering and inclusive messaging, businesses can aim to:

  • Boost customer purchase intent: The blog post claims that this approach can potentially increase purchase intent by up to 23%.

  • Save time and effort: Prompt engineering streamlines the ad creation process while leveraging AI's creative potential.

  • Enhance ad performance: Well-crafted prompts can lead to more compelling and effective ad copy.

This initiative by Microsoft reflects the growing trend of utilizing AI tools and fostering inclusive practices in the marketing and advertising landscape.

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