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OpenAI To Launch
ChatGPT Store This Week



Dan O'Connor

OpenAI are launching a marketplace for custom GPT models.

The OpenAI ChatGPT Store is set to open this week, and will be a marketplace for custom GPT models. A custom GPT model is a generative AI model that has been trained on a specific dataset and code. This allows the model to be more specialized and accurate in its responses than a general-purpose GPT model.

Users can find, purchase, and deploy pre-trained GPT models, as well as create their own custom models. The store includes a variety of models for different purposes, including chatbots, creative writing, code generation, and more.

Here are some of the key features of the OpenAI ChatGPT Store:

  • Discover and browse: A wide range of pre-trained GPT models are available to browse, with the ability to filter by category, purpose, and other specifications.

  • Purchase and deploy: Custom GPT models can be purchased and deployed easily, allowing users to integrate them into their applications or use them for specific tasks.

  • Create custom models: Users can also create their own custom GPT models by uploading their own data and defining the desired task or function.

  • Support for ChatGPT and GAPPs: The store is compatible with both ChatGPT and GAPPs, allowing users to utilize GPT models in various AI applications.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Benefits of using the OpenAI ChatGPT Store:

  • Access to a wide range of pre-trained models: The store offers a collection of pre-trained models, saving users the time and effort of training their own models from scratch.

  • Expertise and guidance: Some plugins in the store provide expert advice and guidance on using and customizing GPT models for specific needs.

  • Integration with ChatGPT and GAPPs: The store integrates with ChatGPT and GAPPs, allowing for greater flexibility and extensibility in AI applications.

Overall, the OpenAI ChatGPT Store should serve as a valuable platform for accessing, customizing, and deploying GPT models for various purposes, empowering users to enhance their AI applications and workflows.

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