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SEO Experts Tips
For 2024



Dan O'Connor

21 SEO experts give their opinion on what advertisers should be focusing on in 2024.

Search Engine Journal has asked 21 SEO experts to give their opinion on what advertisers should be focusing on in 2024.

Here is a 10-point summary:

1. Don’t focus on algorithms.

Take a step out of the algorithm and visibility bubble and start focusing on the content trends that Google themselves are focusing on. Look at your goals and what needs to happen for you to achieve them.

2. Learn from legal cases.

Stay clued into legal cases, like the ongoing antitrust lawsuit against Google. It seems likely that this is only the beginning for Google and other big tech companies. Through these cases, you can learn some previously unknown info relevant to anyone working with SEO.

3. Familiarize yourself with new demographics.

Get familiar with new demographics like Gen Z and how they search for info. Not everyone relies on Google for their online searches anymore. Social media platforms have become the new search engine for things like travel and fashion. Figure out where your target audience is searching for your product.

4. Don’t focus on being ‘SEO-Optimized’.

Advertisers need to forget about writing “SEO-optimized” content and instead focus on writing helpful content for their readers if they want to rank high on Google. With Google’s Helpful Content System, Google has made it clear that they will reward content that is written for the end user – not content written for search engines.

5. Analyze the user's search journey.

Concentrate on analyzing the customer's search journey. Use Google as a tool.

6. Have an adaptable and evolving strategy.

The progression of AI means near constant changes. Have an adaptable and evolving SEO strategy that is robust and thorough enough to battle the constantly shifting sands.

7. Google wants to be the store.

Google no longer wants to be the search engine you use to find the sites with the products – they want to be where you shop for products. SERPs will continue to cut out category and product listing pages in favor of showing product results directly in SERPs.

8. Focus on the fundamentals.

With so much change in SEO, now is the time to focus on the fundamentals advertisers can always count on.

9. Align your content with a buyer persona.

Make sure the content aligns with an actual buyer persona, use modifiers on head keywords like ‘price’, ‘reviews’ and ‘features’, and write content that compares you to your competitors.

10. Align your expectations with what you are doing.

Advertisers are often misaligned with their expectations from SEO. Close the gap between what you are doing and what you expect. Clearly outline what you aim to get out of SEO and why.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

A constant theme through most of the experts' answers was that the landscape of SEO, what works, what doesn’t work, and how to harness its power effectively is constantly changing and will continue to do so in 2024.

The introduction of generative AI in the last year has made these shifts even greater and come even faster, as both advertisers and Google try to get to grips with this new reality.

Check out the full article, containing the answers from all 21 experts, here.

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