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Snapchat Ups The Ante
On Ad Tools



Alison Piroe

AR innovations and streamlined user experience are levelling their ad game up.

Snapchat is making waves with its evolving advertising suite, offering exciting features for businesses and a smoother experience for users.

The platform is amping up its popular Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities. Advertisers can now target specific regions with "State-level First Story" takeovers, placing their AR experiences right at the forefront of a user's Snapchat journey. Additionally, a pilot program is underway for high-impact AR dominance with all-day Lens Carousel takeovers.

For mobile game advertisers, Snapchat is introducing new bidding options. "Value Optimization" allows for bids based on a user's in-app purchase value, while "7/0 delivery optimization" focuses on click-through conversions happening within seven days. These features offer advertisers more control and potentially higher returns on investment.

But it's not all about advertisers. Snapchat is also streamlining the user experience. The app download process within ads is getting a makeover, making it easier than ever for users to discover and install new apps with minimal clicks.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Overall, Snapchat's ad tool advancements signal a commitment to both innovation and user experience. The platform is poised to offer a powerful and engaging advertising experience for businesses, while keeping users happy with a smooth and efficient interface.

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