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TikTok Release Halloween
Marketing Guide



Dan O'Connor

TikTok have released a ‘Spooktacular’ guide to help affiliates boost sales during Halloween.

TikTok have released a ‘Spooktacular’ guide to help affiliates boost sales during Halloween. The full guide can be downloaded here.

TikTok claims that 1 in 3 platform users say TikTok played a role in their halloween-related purchases last year, and also that 62% of users say TikTok influenced or inspired them over the Halloween period last year.

They give 3 main ways in which advertisers can make the most of the halloween period on their platform.

  1. Optimize your Website Ads

They urge marketers to implement TikTok Pixel, which will allow marketers to gain a deeper insight into user behavior, actions, trends and events. Pixels is essentially a piece of code that helps measure traffic, measure ad campaign performance, optimize campaigns and find new customers.

  1. Get Creative With Creators

They advise affiliates to link up with TikTok creators to enhance ad campaigns. Halloween is a time of year on socials when users tend to engage more than usual with trends and viral content. Getting content creators on board is an effective way to ensure your ads are engaging and on trend. Head to TikTok Creator Marketplace to find creators to get started with.

  1. Inspire Organically & Extend Your Audience With Ads

TikTok advises affiliates not to be afraid to lean into the holiday tropes. Costume inspo along with DIY and decoration tips are ways to engage audiences. Use Interest & Behaviour Audience Targeting to build audiences further, or engage similar audiences already interested in the brand by creating custom lookalike audiences.

TikTok also provide a list of hashtags to focus on:










Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Halloween can be a really profitable holiday for affiliates, and in fact it is the second largest holiday in terms of spending, with last year's total coming in at $10 billion, which was a five year increase on the year before.

In regards to the guide released by TikTok, the 3 points of advice they are give are all tactics affiliate marketers should already be implementing. TikTok Pixel is an effective tool that should be used if advertising on TikTok. Likewise with Creator Marketplace, it is a way to engage with audiences in a way marketers might not be able to do themselves.

The window for capitalizing on Halloween is fairly short, with the last 2 weeks of October being the only time running halloween ads will be effective, and because of that many affiliates think it may not be worthwhile creating halloween specific ads, but if affiliates have the resources available to engage with and capitalize on the halloween market

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