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TikTok Releases Insights From Ad Industry Experts



Dan O'Connor

TikTok has released a video series containing insight and tips from industry leaders.

TikTok has released a video series containing insight and tips from industry leaders.

These industry leaders give a run down of how they are interacting with the app, and how best to approach advertising on the platform.

The series is called ‘Made for TikTok’ and will show a range of ad experts sugaring their insights on camera.

TikTok released a statement saying:

“We’ve created Made For TikTok: Talking Creative to inspire creative professionals in the art of crafting content and campaigns that resonate with the TikTok community. Through inspirational conversations with industry leaders from creative agencies, in-house brand teams, and creator agencies, you’ll learn how to ideate, pitch, and produce TikTok-first content that not only drives commercial success but also leaves a lasting cultural impact.”

The first episode features Matt Ian, the Chief Creative Officer with Deutsch LA, and he covers how to turn fan feedback into brand success.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

TikTok is where affiliates need to be if they wish to target a younger demographic, with almost 40% of the apps 420 million users between the ages of 18 and 24.

TIkTok does provide a lot of direction and advice for affiliates wishing to make the most of their platform. The TikTok Business Help Centre and this video series is evidence of that.

As TikTok is such a dynamic platform with a younger demographic, affiliates trying to make the most of the platform will have to invest more time, creativity and capital into campaigns to make them successful than has been the case with Facebook or Instagram.

Keep this in mind when advertising on TikTok. It’s all about being current, on trend, and having the time and budget to execute fresh ideas quickly.

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