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TikTok Reportedly Testing
App To Rival Instagram



Stephen Bond

Recent discoveries in TikTok's code hint at new photo app similar to Instagram.

Move over, Instagram! TikTok might be entering the photo-sharing arena, possibly influenced by the success of Xiaohongshu, who are owned by the same people who run TikTok, and is China's answer to Instagram, but on steroids.

Recent discoveries within the TikTok app's code hint at a new app called "TikTok Photos". This app seems to be designed specifically for sharing photos, similar to how Instagram functions.

Xiaohongshu, which boasts over 260 million monthly active users, has carved a massive niche in the social commerce space. Its focus on user-generated content, primarily reviews and recommendations, has proven highly successful, particularly among young, affluent urbanites in China. This thriving photo-centric platform with strong e-commerce integration might be a key factor driving TikTok to explore similar territory.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Details are scarce, but experts believe TikTok Photos will allow users to connect with like-minded individuals based on shared interests. The leaked code also suggests TikTok might encourage users to import their existing photos to populate the new app.

While there's no official word from TikTok regarding the launch, these findings suggest the company is testing the waters of photo-sharing. This could pose a significant challenge to Instagram's dominance in the photo-centric social media space, particularly if TikTok can replicate the engaging and commerce-driven features that have made Xiaohongshu a success story.

It will be interesting to see if TikTok Photos comes to fruition and how it stacks up against the established powerhouse, Instagram.

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