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TikTok Shares Figures From
Ad Effectiveness Research



Dan O'Connor

TikTok study outlines exactly what drive ad engagement on their platform.

TikTok’s Marketing Science Team have shared the results of a recent study outlining what exactly drives attention and engagement with the ads on their platform.

Their research indicates that creative elements that seem native to the platform generate a longer watch time. The three most impactful elements of TikTok ads were:

  • Using real people (+9%)

  • Remixing a TikTok trend (+14%)

  • Crafting a creative story (16%)

It should be no surprise that you get a very short time to make an impact with your ad on TikTok. The Marketing Science Team research suggested that:

  • 50% of the ads cumulative impact is captured in the first 2 seconds.

  • 90% of the ads cumulative impact was captured in the first 6 seconds.

Here, cumulative impact refers to the attention and engagement from the user to the ad, but they also tested for ad recall.

The study found that if a TikTok ad could keep a user's attention for 1 second, recall could be as high as 40%, but if the ad could keep the user attention for 4 second, up to 70% of users could recall viewing the ad.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

People engaging with social media can often tell if the reactions and emotions in a TikTok they are watching are sincere or contrived. Having real people in ads conveying real emotion gives them an extra level of legitimacy.

Adopting TikTok trends into advertising is effective, but it’s important to keep it as current as possible. These trends shift week to week, if not day to day. Having the capacity to produce content fast and recognise when trends are dying is key.

On average, after 6 or 7 seconds a TikTok ads effect on the user’s attention and engagement has peaked.

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