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What Is Horizon Worlds?



Stephen Bond

Can affiliates take advantage of Meta's new VR social platform?

Horizon Worlds is a free virtual reality (VR) social platform developed by Meta. It allows users to create and explore virtual worlds, play games, attend events, and socialize with others in VR.

Horizon Worlds is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to be a major player in the VR space. Users can build their own virtual worlds, explore others, play games, attend events and socialize.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

The only thing affiliates want to know is - can they advertise on it? Currently, it’s not possible to officially target Horizon Worlds with advertising, and here’s why:

No official ad platform: Meta hasn't yet opened Horizon Worlds for traditional advertising. There's currently no platform or program allowing external companies to directly place ads within the platform.

Focus on organic growth: Meta currently focuses on organic growth and user-generated content for Horizon Worlds. They want to establish a strong community before introducing official monetization methods.

Unclear regulations: The metaverse and virtual worlds like Horizon Worlds are still evolving, and regulations around advertising and sponsored content are not fully established. Meta needs to define appropriate guidelines before opening up to marketing practices.

However, there are potential future opportunities:

Metaverse marketing trends: Affiliate marketing in the metaverse is a growing trend, and Horizon Worlds might eventually offer solutions for it. This could involve promoting virtual products, becoming an avatar marketer, or even creating sponsored virtual experiences.

Indirect methods: While direct affiliate marketing isn't available, you can still promote products or services relevant to Horizon Worlds through other channels, such as social media, YouTube, or your own website. Mentioning Horizon Worlds in your content and linking to relevant products could attract interested users.

Stay informed: Keep an eye on Meta's updates and announcements regarding Horizon Worlds' monetization and advertising plans. The platform might evolve, and affiliate marketing opportunities could become available in the future.

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