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What Is The Best
Translation Tool?



Stephen Bond

With so many options out there, what is the best translation tool for affiliates?

Affiliate marketing is an international industry, and so affiliate marketers must deal with international clients.

Depending on what GEOs affiliates are working in, their client base could contain many different languages, not to mention needing to change the languages of creatives.

But which translation tool is the best? There are many out there, especially with the introduction of generative AI tools, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 3, and picked what is, in our opinion, the best option for affiliates.



  • Generative translation text formats: if you are looking for more creative translations, ChatGPT can generate various creative text formats in different languages, including code, scripts, email, letters, etc.

  • Supports over 26 languages: ChatGPT can translate text into over 26 languages, making it a versatile option for multilingual tasks.

  • Variety of translation styles: ChatGPT allows you to choose between different translation styles, such as formal, informal, or creative.


  • Inaccuracy for complex sentences: ChatGPT may struggle with the accuracy of complex sentences and idiomatic expressions.

  • Nuance capture: ChatGPT may not fully capture the nuances of the original language, leading to slightly off translations.

  • Limited customization: ChatGPT offers fewer customization options compared to other translation tools.

Google Translate


  • Widest language support: Google Translate has the largest language coverage, supporting over 100 languages, making it a comprehensive choice for global communication.

  • Free and easy to use: Google Translate is free and has an easy user interface.

  • Supports multiple translation modes: Google Translate offers text, conversation, and handwriting translation modes, catering to varied translation scenarios.

  • Ability to translate websites: Google Translate can translate entire websites, facilitating understanding of foreign-language content.


  • Inconsistent accuracy: Google Translate's accuracy may vary depending on the complexity of the text and the specific languages involved.

  • Grammar issues: There may be occasional grammatical errors in the translated text.

  • Nuance limitations: Google Translate may not fully capture the subtle nuances of some languages.

DeepL Translate


  • Superior accuracy for complex sentences: DeepL is known for its exceptional accuracy in handling complex sentences and idiomatic expressions, making it a preferred choice for professional translations.

  • Natural-sounding translations: DeepL produces translations that read naturally and are easy to understand, even for native speakers of the target language.

  • Nuance preservation: DeepL Translate excels at capturing the nuances of the original language, ensuring a faithful representation of the intended meaning.

  • Customizable translation options: DeepL Translate offers various customization options, allowing users to adjust the translation style and tone.


  • Limited language coverage: DeepL Translate supports fewer languages than Google Translate (over 26).

  • Subscription-based model: DeepL Translate requires a subscription for full access to its features. In saying this, if your needs are just for straight translation the free version is more than good enough.

  • Mobile app limitations: DeepL Translate's mobile app is not as fully developed as Google Translate's.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

If you are simply looking for the best translation tool, DeepL is the best option for affiliate marketers. It is the one that is used most by professional translators and offers the best complex sentence accuracy, natural-sounding translation and nuance preservation.

DeepL does have a Pro option that costs around $8 a month, but it’s not necessary. The free version provides you with everything you need.

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