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What Social Content
Will Succeed in 2024?



Dan O'Connor

What types of content will drive the most social media engagement over the next year?

NP Digital have conducted research to discover the ‘what and where’ when it comes to getting the most engagement on content in 2024. Here are their findings:

Which Content Generates The Most Engagement:

Short Form Videos: 31%

Long Form Videos: 16%

Interviews, Podcasts, Expert Talks: 14%

Live Video: 12%

Memes: 10%

User Generated Content: 10%

Other: 7%

An interesting point about these statistics is that text-based content is in the ‘Other’ category at just 7%, which just goes to show how much people value visually engaging communication over text.

What Text-Based Content Gets The Most Engagement?

How-To: 39%

Listicles: 33%

Current Event: 7%

Research & Reports: 5%

Interviews: 4%

Stories: 2%

Other: 10%

Which Platforms Love User Generated Content The Most?

Instagram: 28%

Youtube: 27%

TikTok: 24%

Facebook: 9%

LinkedIn: 9%

Other: 2%

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

From these figures it’s pretty clear what content you need to be producing to get the most engagement.

Short videos generate almost a third of all engagement. Video content is the way forward for 2024, with Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok being the 3 platforms to target.

In a continuation from 2023, How-Tos and Listicles are the go-to blueprints for any text-based content.

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