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Who Creates More Unique
Content: ChatGPT or Bard



Dan O'Connor

A research ran 1000 articles through each. Which came out on top?

NP Digital, the Search & Performance Marketing company, recently released a study investigating whether ChaGPT or Bard created the most unique content. This is how they conducted the research and what their results were:

They had ChatGPT and Bard create 1000 articles each on the exact same topic. They then ran the articles through Copyscape, a plagiarism checker, to see if there was any duplicate content.

Results for ChatGPT:

186/1000 articles came back with duplicate content.

That means 81.4% of the content was unique. And 18.6% of the time the content was duplicative.

Results for Bard:

149/1000 articles came back with duplicate content.

That means 85.1% of the content was unique and 14.9% of the time the content was duplicative.

NP Digital explained that even in the ChatGPT and Bard articles that contained duplicated content, the majority of the time it was just a sentence or two that was plagiarized. Sometimes even a paragraph, but usually it ‘wasn’t that bad’.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

So which one should you use to help you create unique content?

It’s a very close call, but Bard is marginally less likely to produce duplicate content. Add into this that their dataset is more up to date, and Bard appears to be the more useful tool.

But as Google outlines, even with their own tool, it’s important to modify the content created by AI and add that human touch through E-E-A-T; Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust.

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