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YouTube Cracking Down On Ad-Blockers



Dan O'Connor

YouTube has ‘launched a global effort’ to prevent people from using ad-blockers on the platform.

YouTube has ‘launched a global effort’ to prevent people from using ad-blockers on the platform.

The platform confirmed back in June that they were conducting a ‘small experiment’ by disabling videos for a small number of users who were implementing ad-blockers, and now YouTube have expanded the efforts on a global scale.

YouTube outlined that using ad-blockers violates their terms of service.

The platform does provide an ad-free version, YouTube Premium, but will cost the user $13.99 per month in Europe.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

According to Hootsuite, 37% of adult consumers worldwide are using ad-blockers.

More than 50% of adults in the US use ad-blockers on their desktops as of March 2021 according to CivicScience data. The data also shows that younger consumers (under 35) are more likely to use ad-blockers.

For affiliates, the news that YouTube is trying to push out the use of ad-blockers is encouraging, as long as users don’t move to YouTube Premium en masse.

Premium reached 80 million subscribers in 2022 but is still dwarfed by the number of ordinary users every month. Over a quarter of the world's population uses YouTube every month, 2.70 billion people to be exact, so affiliates advertising on YouTube won’t have to worry about the rush to Premium any time soon.

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