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How ExoClick Can Convert Your Dating Offers: Part 1

Dating is a highly profitable industry, due to connection being a fundamental part of our lives. The online Dating market caters to all sorts of preferences. From traditional platforms like eHarmony and to more niche-focused sites, such as Christian Mingle or Country Match. 

It’s a huge market used by billions of people! In fact, according to Statista, by 2028, the projected number of users in the online Dating market will be approximately 65.9 million! The Dating vertical is also projected to reach a revenue of US $8.10 billion by the end of 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 1.95% between 2024 and 2028. Those numbers are ripe with possibilities.

To help you maximize your Dating offers, we’ve teamed up with Exoclick to give you a rundown of their high quality traffic sources, and we've gathered key market trends and exclusive network stats from the last year. 

ExoClick’s High Quality Dating Traffic Sources

Maximizing conversions is the name of the game, and picking the most appropriate traffic sources for your online offers is the key to success! In part 1 we are going to cover:

-Email Clicks

-Members Area

The best traffic sources for your dating campaigns depend on your product, service and target audience: Email Clicks and Members Areas are great to target online Daters directly.

Email Clicks

Email Clicks are a powerful traffic source for Dating offers. An email campaign is sent to Dating site users’ inboxes, generating high-value clicks. According to the daily average in the context of dating traffic, the most popular device for generating Email Clicks is mobile, accounting for 64.4% of all volumes. Desktop contribute to 33% of the Email Clicks, while tablets account for 2.5%. These active users have voluntarily subscribed to receive these emails from a specific site. 

The Email Clicks format typically includes a subject line, a short text, and a CTA (Advertiser link) that directs them to your offer’s landing page or sign-up form. Bidding is CPC. Email marketing is highly effective because it allows you to directly reach a highly targeted audience and maintain consistent communication with them. 

By building an email list of subscribers interested in Dating, you can tailor your messages to their specific needs and preferences. This helps establish credibility, strengthen the connection with your audience, and increase the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Why is email marketing highly effective to maximize conversions for Dating offers?

1. GEO: The majority of ExoClick’s Dating traffic comes from Tier 1 English-speaking GEOs such as the US, UK, CA, AU, and tier 1 EU. This data is shown below and provides insights into the target audience potential:

2. Deep targeting tools: ExoClick offers deep targeting capabilities that allow you to apply specific criteria to your campaign. By analyzing the data, you can make informed decisions to maximize your ROI. Targeting is a crucial aspect of a successful email marketing campaign.

3. Audience: Email users who receive your Dating offers are typically high-quality leads. They have shown interest in your Dating site and are more likely to join or purchase a subscription. They have read about your site and are actively seeking to try it out.

Devices: It is crucial to prioritize mobile-friendly emails since 64.4% of clicks are made on mobile devices.

“As demonstrated by the average conversion rate data, with precise targeting, engaging creatives, and an enticing Dating offer, Email Clicks can serve as a highly effective marketing tool to maximize conversions for Dating offers!” – Sara Martos, Email Team Leader at ExoClick

Tip! Use SubIDs to track additional information, add the {tags} token to your URLs. By implementing this, you can optimize your campaign to identify the best traffic from each zone.

Here is an example of how your URL should be structured:

Members Area

ExoClick’s Members traffic is highly targeted for Dating offers as it reaches opted-in Dating site users who are active users. Ad formats available within the Members Area include Banners, Native, Direct Links, Menu Tabs, and Back Button offers, amongst others. Limited ad zones within each Members Area ensure higher visibility and exposure for your ads, resulting in a higher CTR compared to a free content site.

Members Area user profile: 

The Members’ Area traffic is highly valuable due to the end users’ higher purchasing power. Each user undergoes verification by providing and verifying their email address. Additionally, they have created a Dating profile that includes essential information such as gender, age, preferences, location, and interests.

The Members’ Area sites have large, active communities of members who visit regularly to engage with others. There are two types of users:

1. Paid members: These users have full access to the site and have paid for a monthly subscription or tokens using their credit card. They are willing to make online purchases and enjoy the benefits of their paid membership.

2. Freemium members: These members have created a profile but have not paid for access. However, certain features are restricted and only available to paid members.

Devices: Mobile devices (86.8%) are the most popular among Members Area users for accessing Dating sites based on the information collected.

Comparing Members Area users with Free Content site users, Dating site members willingly share specific user information and show high engagement on the sites they belong to:

Members Area specific ad formats – Maximize conversions for Dating offers!

Although ad formats such as Banners and Push Notifications are available for Members Area sites, Native is one of the most effective ways to convert your Dating offers in Members Area:

The Native – In Content ad format covers the following two exclusive Native ad types that are only displayed on Members Area websites. Please note: These Native ad zones are not available for RDA campaigns, they are pure Native only.

In Profile Native ads: ExoClick provides an exclusive opportunity for Dating Advertisers to convert traffic in Members Area, with Native ads that appear mixed in within the profile selection pages. These Native ads are designed to seamlessly blend with the website’s content, resembling a Dating profile, therefore displaying to your  ad as a Dating profile.

Ideally you should use an image of a member of your Dating website, so that when the end user clicks on your ad, they are shown a pre lander of the person’s profile that appeared in the ad, with your Join Now CTA. You can target these In Profile Native ad zones in our Marketplace by selecting Members Area and the ad format: Native – In Content.

Native Inbox Message Ads: This format is also named Native – In Content in our Marketplace. It is displayed to end users when they log into their Dating profiles on the Dating site that they are members of. The ad appears as the top message in the user’s message inbox and clicking on it leads to your offer’s landing page. Because the Marketplace does not define this specific Native ad type as Native Inbox, but as Native – In Content, the way to search for these Inbox ad zones, in the Marketplace search bar type in ‘native inbox’ and it will select all Native – In Content ads that are specifically tagged as Native Inbox Message Ads.

Dating CTRs per device for the Native ad format:

TIP! Use an image of a Dater in your ad to add personality and appeal. Clearly state the purpose and nature of your product in the ad text to ensure it is recognized as an advertisement and understood by the end user. This approach attracts quality clicks and maintains transparency with your audience.

Premium Direct Links – Menu Tabs & Back Button Offers

Direct Links are a powerful and highly flexible ad format. It is a click that leads directly to your offer’s landing page. They are strategically placed ad zones, either in the form of Menu Tabs or

Back Button Offers. Bidding is CPC. We recommend using Smart Bid to get the most out of the platform as it uses AI to find the best positions for your ads.

Premium Quality Network Menu Tabs: Our carefully selected and verified Menu Tabs are ad zones hand-picked by ExoClick account managers, ensuring high quality. These tabs assist users in navigating the website’s content and enhance their experience, e.g, the Activity, Search, and Chat tabs.

The next three tabs: Dating, Video, and Games, are actually Direct Link ad zones. Clicking on these tabs redirects users to relevant offers, such as Dating, Streaming, or online Games. This contextual targeting aligns the Menu Tabs with your vertical, driving premium traffic, which consists of 34.2% English-speaking users from countries like the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia, as well as Tier 1 and European GEOs. Bidding can be CPC or flat/monthly deals.

Back Button Offers (BBO): Back Button Offers occur when the end user clicks the back button on the Publisher’s site and is directed to the Advertiser’s landing page. BBOs strategically fit into the user flow, e.g when the user views a Dating profile and clicks the back button to return to the profile list, triggering the Advertiser’s landing page. Different Member Area sites offer various triggers for BBOs. Since the end user is directly taken to the Advertiser’s landing page, there’s no need for Banner ads or other creatives to entice them. Your landing page serves as a large ad format where you can incorporate text, images, and videos to enhance user conversion. Bidding is CPC.

Go Forth And Conquer

With that detailed run through of how Exoclick can elevate your dating game, you have no excuse for not supercharging your campaigns!

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