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Why Choose ExoClick To Convert Your Dating Offer: Part 2

Free Content Sites.

So after part 1 of our ExoClick collaboration from last week you should be an expert in email clicks and members areas, right? Well, this week we are going to walk you through free content sites. 

Free Content Sites offer targeted entertainment content and attract a large volume of traffic. This broader reach expands across all ages, providing an excellent opportunity to promote your dating offer and target specific dating niches based on hobbies and interests. 

It allows advertisers to reach larger audiences and test the best ad formats for their product or service. This, in turn, enables further targeting as advertisers gather more data to analyze and identify the best converting ad zones for dating offers.

For example, video ads are highly effective on free content sites, as email and members’ areas do not typically offer this format. Additionally, short-form content has seen an increase in popularity across most social platforms. Utilizing video ads on these sites has a higher likelihood of compelling the end user to click through to the landing page.

There are two subcategories in free content sites, Premium and RON:

1. Premium: these are free content sites with high-quality traffic, account managed and with verified ad placements. Bidding on these ad zones may be more expensive compared to RON sites.

2. RON: Run of Network sites offer affordable traffic with high volumes. It is an effective way to discover new converting traffic sources regularly.

Now let’s look into the best ad formats for free content sites:

Short Video Ads 

Video ads are an effective way to convert dating offers. Free content sites allow you to target video ads at end users, which email and members areas don’t. Video ads are huge in online advertising and have a high CTR. 

Short video entertainment has increased across all platforms, including YouTube. The data has shown that people now prefer a video explainer, this gives you the opportunity to really explain how the Dating offer works. And video gives you more of an opportunity to entertain the end user and compel them to click through to the landing page. ExoClick offers 3 different video formats:

In-Stream: This format appears in the player of the main piece of video content that an end user has actively decided to watch. It can be customized with clickable CTAs and it includes a Skip Ad button, allowing the user to close the ad after 5 seconds.

Outstream: This format is triggered wherever the publisher has placed the ad zone on their site, integrating it into the user journey. Think of it as a display ad that includes video content. It automatically plays on mute, but the user can unmute it if desired.

Video Slider: This format slides in from the bottom right of a webpage once the page has loaded, catching the user’s attention. It includes a Close Ad button. Check out this affiliate case study: Affiliate Case Study: 40% ROI to learn how you can use localized dating offers with sliders and maximize conversions for dating offers!

Tip! Use ExoClick’s video service! Test out their free video making service, through which you can access a library of video ads that you can use free of charge. You choose the text, and they create a video in a couple of days so that you can get your campaign up and running ASAP!


Native advertising closely resembles the editorial content of a website. It is designed to mimic a video or article thumbnail or image, creating a certain amount of integration that you don’t get with other ad formats. It includes an image, a short title, and a brief description, it allows using Dynamic Tokens to further customize your ad, and bidding can be CPM or CPC. One of the main benefits of native is that you can play with psychology, designing compelling texts and creatives offering interesting or informative content that grabs attention.

Tip! Use Facts and Statistics: You could use copy such as “50% of men fail on a first date because they don’t know these secrets”, “9 out of 10 women can’t resist this flirting techniques” or “45% of the women in your neighborhood are single”

Full-Page Interstitials (FPIs)

Full-Page Interstitials (FPIs) are rich media formats that display horizontally on desktop and tablet, and vertically on mobile. They are an excellent alternative to Popunders, as Chrome blocks some Popunders but allows all FPIs. Mobile users are accustomed to viewing full-page selfies and watching vertical videos on dating sites. According to the data from the last six months we can see that FPIs are performing best on tablet and mobile.

TIP! Sometimes Chrome blocks Popunders, therefore the ful-lpage interstitial format is becoming a more popular option for Advertisers.

Extra tip! Another reason why ExoClick can boost your dating offers is because of thier Responsive Display Ads (RDAs). Since they launched RDAs for all static banner sizes back in April 2022, it has been a huge success for both advertisers and publishers. Now ExoClick has added three more ad formats for Responsive Display Ads: Full-page interstitial, instant message and sticky banners.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications include an image or icon on the left: jpeg, png, gif max weight 150KB, (720×480 or 192×192); text on the right: title max 50 characters, description max 90 characters. When users click on a push notification ad, they are directed to the advertiser’s landing page. Bidding is CPM and CPC.

Website visitors are given the choice to opt-in and receive push notifications featuring advertiser offers. Opted-in users become subscribers, providing high-quality traffic as they have agreed to receive push notifications from the publisher’s advertisers. The push message appears on the end user’s device screen, ensuring maximum viewability and qualified clicks. These messages are delivered even when the user is not actively browsing the website on their device.

Tip! Remember that Safari (OS X, iOS) does not support web push notifications.

Top Tips for online Dating offers from ExoClick’s account managers!

To add the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake, here are some tips from ExoClick’s account managers to give you a competitive edge in online advertising!

Alex: “Get real with visuals: Don’t use stock images, everyone has seen them before, instead make your marketing material look like real life selfies, test with creatives using Snapchat/TikTok style filters, you don’t need professional marketing material, try to make it as real as possible. The best converting creatives are with good looking, attractive but real looking people. Don’t mislead your users by showing a 20 year old supermodel in your creative, keeping it real allows the end user to think they can go on a date with her/him and not think that the profiles will be out of their league.”

Diana: “Use the full potential of our ad formats! Remember, the key to successful Dating offers lies in making your audience feel seen and understood. For example, Dynamic Tokens for Native ads can empower you to create ads that resonate on a personal level. The content can be tailored based on visitors’ specific location, including country, region, and city. This customization significantly improves the chances of successful matches and conversions. For video ads, consider using corporate texts and voice-overs to add a human touch and enhance storytelling. A well-crafted voiceover can provide additional context, emotion, and information about your brand and products. Remember to keep it concise and aligned with your brand’s tone.”

Artem: “Are you looking to optimize your Dating funnel? Consider testing your campaigns alongside compelling prelanders. These prelanders act as a warm-up for potential leads, increasing their engagement and interest. To make the most of this strategy, make sure your prelanders are lightweight, responsive, well-optimized, and interactive. Engaging your traffic before the CTA often leads to higher sales conversions. To improve lead quality, prelanders can also help filter traffic, allowing you to refine your target audience. It’s crucial to seamlessly integrate prelanders into your marketing funnel. Be creative and consistent with your design decisions to maintain a cohesive user experience. By implementing these tips, I am confident that you will achieve outstanding results in the Dating niche. Good luck!”

Do you have any more questions on how to maximize your dating offers with ExoClick? Make sure to contact Exoclick today to discover how they can help you grow your online business.

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