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5 Stats That Show Affiliate Marketing Is Still Growing.



Dan O'Connor

The Affiliate Marketing Industry Show No Signs Of Slowing Down, as these figures demonstrate.

Since the early 2000’s, affiliate marketing has been an industry of steady growth. Let’s take a look at a few figures that suggest that growth is only going to continue.

1. Amount spent on affiliate marketing:

2010 - $1.6 billion

2020 - $6.8 billion

2023 - $13 billion

2. Over 80% of brands use affiliate marketing programmes.

3. 31% of US brands list affiliate marketing within their top 3 revenue sources.

4. ​​The global digital advertising market is expected to be worth over $763B in 2025

5. Affiliate marketing is considered a crucial skill by 40% of marketers.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Affiliate marketing has become a crucial part of the ecommerce landscape. Depending on your sources and methodology, affiliate marketing now makes up between 15-30% of the eCommerce landscape.

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