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Apple Introduces
'Smart Search'



Stephen Bond

'Intelligent Search' will answer search queries with webpage summaries.

Apple's web browser, Safari, is getting a rumored AI upgrade in its upcoming version 18. This new feature, dubbed "Intelligent Search," promises to make browsing the web a faster and more efficient experience.

Intelligent Search is expected to use artificial intelligence to summarize webpages.  Imagine quickly grasping the key points of an article without having to read everything. Apple's AI will do the heavy lifting, analyzing text and identifying the most important information to generate a concise summary.

This feature is powered by Apple's in-house AI technology called Ajax, a large language model. By processing information directly on your device, Intelligent Search offers potentially faster response times and better privacy protection compared to traditional search methods that rely on external servers.

While there's no official confirmation from Apple, leaks suggest Intelligent Search might be an optional feature within the Safari browser's controls menu. This would allow users to decide when they want a quick summary and when they prefer the full webpage experience.

Intelligent Search could be a significant first step for Apple. It hints at the possibility of a more comprehensive search engine in the future,  potentially rivaling established players like Google.

With Safari 18's release on the horizon, we'll have to wait and see if Intelligent Search lives up to the hype. But one thing's for sure: Apple's innovation in AI could change the way we browse the web.

Affiliate Flash's Take:

The impact of Apple's Intelligent Search on affiliate marketers remains to be seen. Summarization could mean less user exposure to affiliate links embedded within content, potentially affecting click-through rates. 

However, if implemented well, concise summaries highlighting product benefits could drive more targeted clicks for affiliates. The key will be for affiliate marketers to adapt their strategies to this new browsing landscape, potentially focusing on content creation that hooks readers within the summary itself.

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Apple Introduces
'Smart Search'

'Intelligent Search' will answer search queries with webpage summaries.

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