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New YouTube Shorts
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Alison Piroe

Google ups the ante on YouTube Shorts with new ad products and creative playbook

Google is rolling out a fresh set of advertising tools and creative recommendations to help brands win over YouTube Shorts massive audience.

Shorts, boasting over two billion monthly users and a staggering 70 billion daily views, has become a prime destination for short-form video entertainment. Recognizing this potential, Google unveiled "YouTube Select Shorts," a curated lineup where advertisers can place their Shorts ads alongside popular and trending content.

But exposure is just one piece of the puzzle. Google is also offering a creative framework dubbed "ABCD" to craft effective Shorts ads. Here's what the acronym represents:

  • Attention: Grab viewers from the get-go with an immersive story. Think jumping right into the action, using catchy audio/text overlays, and keeping visuals bright and dynamic.

  • Branding: Integrate your brand early and prominently. Reinforce recognition with audio mentions and maintain a strong visual presence throughout the short ad.

  • Connection: Make viewers think or feel something. Use relatable characters, deliver a clear message, and leverage storytelling techniques like humor or surprise to forge a bond.

  • Direction: Tell viewers exactly what you want them to do next. Include a clear call to action, ideally bolstered by an audio voiceover to solidify the desired action.

This announcement comes alongside the news that Shorts viewership on connected TVs has skyrocketed by over 100% in the first half of 2023. Google is further capitalizing on this trend by offering "First Position on Shorts," a pilot program within YouTube Select. This prime placement guarantees an advertiser's Shorts ad will be the first thing viewers see when opening the Shorts feed, maximizing initial impact.

With these innovations, Google is signaling its intent to make YouTube Shorts a prime battleground for advertisers in the ever-growing short-form video space.

Affiliate Flash’s Take:

Affiliate marketers should be excited about YouTube Shorts and Google's new ad products. These offer a golden opportunity to reach a massive audience of highly engaged viewers. With targeted ad placement and the "ABCD" framework for crafting captivating ads, affiliates can promote their products in a way that resonates. While direct Shorts monetization isn't here yet, the potential for brand sponsorships and future affiliate integration makes Shorts a platform worth exploring for savvy marketers.

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