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US Senate Approves TikTok Sell-Off



Alison Piroe

The end of TikTok in America is beginning to look inevitable.

Another day, another update on TikTok's status in the US. 

On Tuesday the Senate approved the sell-off that was proposed earlier this month. This is very bad news for TikTok. Approving the bill will force the app to be sold into US ownership or be banned entirely from the region.

The TikTok ban will now pass to US President Joe Biden for his aproval, and Biden has already stated that he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

Affiliate Flash's Take: 

The wheels seem to be all in motion for us to get an answer, maybe even before the end of the week. However soon the bill makes it's way to Biden's desk, it looks likely that in the very near future, TikTok will not be an option for affiliates running campaigns in the US.

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