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Become A Keyword King With AI Chatbots

Since ChatGPT was unleashed onto the world in November 2022, everyone has been trying to find the most ingenious ways to bring generative AI into their workflows. Searching and experimenting with AI tools can be time consuming, complicated and doesn’t always guarantee to make your work more efficient at the end of it all. 

Luckily for affiliates, identifying keywords for SEO is the perfect kind of scenario where a chatbot like ChatGPT and Google Bard can take you to the next level and save you a lot of time and effort.

Here we’ll give the rundown of everything you need to know, along with an invaluable blueprint you can apply to every niche or vertical you work in to find the perfect keywords.

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard

It’s important to remember before you get started that ChatGPT’s free version still has a 2 year delay on its database, meaning that unless you pay for the premium version, the most recent data it can gather is from 2022. 

Having the most up-to-date info and data is crucial in keyword research for 2024 as Google algorithms are shifting the SEO goalposts more frequently now than ever. Because of that, if you’re not willing to pay for ChatGPT Premium, Google Bard may be the best option for you.

In addition to this, before Christmas we compared the 2 chatbots to see which created the most unique content and, although it was close, Google Bard came out on top there too.

All in all, Google Bard seems to be the way to go, at least for now. 

Harnessing AI Chatbots for Trendy Keyword Discovery

AI chatbots excel at identifying emerging search trends and hot topics that align with affiliate marketing niches. By simply providing a seed keyword or a specific industry, these intelligent agents can uncover a wealth of potential keywords that you may have overlooked. They can also suggest related keywords, long-tail phrases, and even question-based keywords that reveal the deeper intent behind user searches.

For instance, consider an affiliate marketer specializing in fitness supplements. An AI chatbot can help them identify trending keywords like "best protein powder for weight loss," "muscle-building supplements for beginners," and "natural supplements for energy boost," revealing the growing demand for health and wellness products.

Delving into User Intent with AI Assistance

Gone are the days when keyword research focused solely on search volume. AI chatbots can decipher the true meaning behind each keyword, allowing affiliate marketers to tailor their content to match user intent. They can identify whether users are seeking information, making a purchase, or looking for specific solutions. This granular understanding of user needs empowers affiliate marketers to create content that not only ranks well but also satisfies the expectations of their target audience.

Imagine an affiliate marketer promoting travel products. An AI chatbot can analyze user search queries to identify the intent behind them. For example, if users are searching for "luxury vacation packages," it indicates an intent to travel. The chatbot can then suggest keywords like "best all-inclusive resorts," "travel deals for families," or "exotic getaways for couples," guiding the affiliate marketer to create content that aligns with this buying intent.

Enhancing Content Creation with AI Guidance

AI chatbots can take keyword research a step further by providing content ideas and suggestions tailored to each keyword. They can help affiliate marketers brainstorm captivating headlines, craft engaging body copy, and even suggest relevant images and videos to enrich their content. By leveraging AI's creativity and understanding of user preferences, affiliate marketers can produce high-quality content that attracts organic traffic and keeps readers engaged.

Leveraging AI for Keyword Optimization

AI chatbots can also assist affiliate marketers in optimizing their websites and content for specific keywords. They can provide recommendations for meta descriptions, title tags, and internal linking strategies, ensuring that their websites are properly structured to capture search engine attention. By incorporating AI's insights, affiliate marketers can enhance their websites' overall SEO performance and boost organic rankings.

For an affiliate marketer promoting a new fitness app, an AI chatbot can analyze their website's keyword usage and suggest improvements. It can recommend incorporating relevant keywords into meta descriptions, using them naturally in title tags, and creating internal links to related content. These optimizations can significantly improve the website's visibility in search results.

Integrating AI Chatbots into Your Affiliate Marketing Workflow

To effectively integrate AI chatbots into your affiliate marketing workflow, follow these simple steps:

  1. Define your goals and objectives: Clearly outline your affiliate marketing goals and the specific keywords you want to target. This will help AI chatbots provide more relevant and actionable insights.

  2. Choose the right AI chatbot: Explore different AI chatbot options, considering factors like their keyword database, user intent analysis capabilities, and content creation suggestions.

  3. Structure your prompts effectively: Provide clear and concise prompts to the AI chatbot, including your seed keyword, industry, and target audience.

  4. Leverage AI suggestions thoughtfully: Evaluate the AI chatbot's recommendations critically, considering their relevance, search volume, and user intent alignment.

  5. Continuously refine your approach: Regularly use AI chatbots to refine your keyword research and optimize your content to capture more organic traffic.

Blueprint For Keyword Mastery

Here’s a step by step run through of how to get your chatbot spitting out killer keywords on your command:

  1. What are the (number) most popular sub-topics related to (topic)?

An example of this could be “What are the 5 most popular sub-topics related to weight-loss pills?”

  1. List without description the top (number) popular keywords for the topic (topic). 

Take one of the results from question 1, and input it into question 2.

List without description the top 5 popular keywords for the topic “weight-loss pill effectiveness.”

  1. List without description the top 5 most popular long-tail keywords for the topic (topic).

Again, choose 1 result and input it into question 3.

List without description the top 5 most popular long tail keywords for the topic of “metabolism booster”.

  1. List without description the top semantically related keywords and entities for the topic (topic).

Same as before, choose 1 result from the previous question and add it here.

List without description the top semantically related keywords and entities for the topic “best metabolism boosters for women”.

And there you have it! A list of keywords ready for you to run with. These steps can be followed for any niche or vertical.

You’re All Set!

AI chatbots have transformed the way we approach keyword research, offering a more efficient, data-driven, and user-centered approach. By leveraging their ability to uncover relevant keywords, understand user intent, and guide content creation, you can elevate your SEO strategy so that your keywords and SEO performance is all killer, no filler. 

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